Why Partner us

Only partnerships ever transform a Model to a Movement

Increased Opportunity for Business Growth and Success

Rapid scaling of offerings to global standards

Easier plugging into a Global Customer Ecosystem

We believe strongly that it is partnerships that will help transform a ‘Model’ to a ‘Movement’. A highly scaled Movement is what Smart Towns need and deserve. Our partner ecosystem includes businesses and individuals across industry domains, from wanting to get high quality and high value technology services, to cutting-edge product companies wanting to drive adoption of their products, to individuals who have ‘made-it’ wanting to give back to places they grew up.

Partnership Opportunities

Several options to scale STM

Delivery Partner

If you - are a high quality IT/BPM Services provider in Smart Town wanting to scale your business. You can become a part of I2I Delivery Network as a Delivery Affiliate or Delivery Partner.

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University Partner

If you - are an education institution in a Smart Town and want to; upgrade your curriculum to be industry ready, and collaborate with industry on work-study or student placement You can become a part of I2I University Network

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Real Estate Partner

If you are a Real Estate developer or Builder in a Smart Town and either have or can develop Class A Infrastructure to support economic activity in your Smart Town You can become a part of I2I Infrastructure Network

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Skilling/Training Partner

If you - currently delivery IT/BPM Skilling and Training in a Smart Town to help elevate the skills of Smart Town Talent You can become a part of Skilling Network

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Home-Town Interest Partner

If you are An independent IT/BPM expert wanting to work in your Home-Town OR A Tech Entrepreneur wanting to start a business offering Tech Services from your Hometown OR A Successful Executive wanting to give back by creating jobs in your Home-Town

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Consumption-Adoption Partner

If you are Technology Platform Business who sees growth coming from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and/or wants to drive increased adoption of your platform You can become a part of I2 Consumption-Adoption R Network

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Looking forward to your Involvement and Support

Our Partners

Happy to have the Opportunity to Deliver Best-in-Class Value

We accelerate the future of work by empowering small town talent to participate in the global tech economy