Our Philosophy

The guiding principles that drive our Thinking and Behaviour

Our Brand Identity

Long-term Customer success is ensured by our focus on Talent and Partners


Customers - Enterprises and product companies wanting to accrue benefits of digital fast and cost effectively.

Talent - Metro and smart town talent who is resilient, hardworking, and wants to make a difference in the tech world.

Partners - Talented entrepreneurs and tech companies who believe in the smart Town Model and want to scale the idea.


New age cutting edge tech services company championing the future of tech work through remote/distributed work, and entrepreneurship.

Delivers predictable, reliable, and world-class outcomes leveraging a unique delivery model that leverages talent in small town while being led by entrepreneurs.

We invest in the skills of our talent, inculcate a culture of ownership and our team members and partners are hungrier to excel as they have the opportunity to transform their own lives and that of their communities.

Origin of I2I

Many Ideas for Consequential Impacts

Ideas to Impacts was started with the desire to have a company with innovative ideas that when executed with excellence will create significant impacts. The focus of the company is on technology solutions and services. Some of the business model innovations incorporated into the company are; we are a platform by and for entrepreneurs, we allow for smart town delivery partners to plug into our delivery ecosystem, and we deliver superior quality outcomes in a unique delivery model that leverages talent in smarter towns.

Our Diffrentiators

Accelerating Digital by unleashing people potential

Our Journey

We continue to accelerate on the every enriching path to deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

Management Team

Learners and success enablers

Gireendra Kasmalkar

Founder and Chairman

Anshoo Gaur

Co-founder and Group CEO

Jayant Sabnis

CEO, Enterprise Applications

Chandrashekhar Deshmukh

CEO, IoT, Engineering and Cloud

Rohan Jadhav

CEO, Content and Data Transformation

Tushar Shetty

CEO, I2I Innovation Hub

Sandeep Ingale

Group CFO and Head Partnerships

Yashashri Sadhu

I2I Fellow

Himanshu Chandra

Business Head, AI/ML Services

Our Clients

Happy to have the Opportunity to Deliver Best-in-Class Value

We accelerate the future of work by empowering small town talent to participate in the global tech economy