Work from Hometown

Providing an innovative and alternative model of working from hometowns

Ideas to Impacts’ innovative Work from hometown offering positions organizations to strategize, design, build and operate from small towns We are a knowledge partner, activation partner and operation partner for our client. Our Work from hometown services, backed by a team of industry experts, will prepare your organization to adapt timely with the changing work delivery models post pandemic situation, while you focus on your core business.

Our Offerings

Enabling enterprises to design, build and operationalize their work delivery models from small towns by providing them with the services below :

Knowledge Partner

We partner with you to help you design and develop the small-town operating strategy by providing you with the suitable town(s) information and data in terms of social infrastructure, fresher's availability, tech talent, local govt incentives, real estate options and more required to select the most suitable small towns as per your business requirements, thus making it easy and quicker for you to take these business decisions.

Activation Partner

We help you to activate your operations in selected small town(s) by providing you with the ready to move in, plug and play seats in a zero-capex operational model. You will be provided with a ready-to-move-in facility with all the required amenities where your employees can start working from the very first day of office.

Operational Partner

Once the business is activated and office space has been set up, we provide you with a wide range of operational services like infrastructure management, trainings and hiring, IT support and issue management, aligning with local government incentives, company culture dissemination and more. You may choose from many of such services offered by I2I WFHT.

At the end of a pre-agreed period, I2I also offers Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) the entire team and facility to our client once their business has been setup, optimized and running for them.

Our Services & Capabilities

We provide our customers with end to end service, right from setup to transfer of the small town centers.

Our Clients

Happy to have the Opportunity to Deliver Best-in-Class Value

We accelerate the future of work by empowering small town talent to participate in the global tech economy