About Us

Technology solutions partner delivering world-class outcomes through focus on Customer, Talent, and Community

Ideas to Impacts (I2I) was born out of the following observations; the need of Tech industry for quality-skills is only accelerating, customers want greater value from solutions/services they obtain, and a large portion of the tech talent in big cities comes from small towns thus depriving small town communities from tech-led growth. These facts combined with our desire to contribute to the community resulted in I2I. We at I2I are; perfecting the art of skilling talent, empowering tech talent to work from home-towns, and delivering unparalleled value to our customers at scale. This is a unique win-win-win for the customer, talent and community and we believe this is the in-evitable next step to outsourcing/offshoring.

Our Purpose

Deliver best-in-class value to our customers while empowering talent in small towns to gainfully contribute to the global tech economy

Our Businesses

Promoting entrepreneurship, we operate as a network of companies that grow from Center of Excellences

Our Services & Capabilities

We offer cutting-edge and traditional services leveraging the strength and capabilities of our teams

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Businesses Models

In service of our Customers we offer unique and flexible business model

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Making It Real

Best-in-class outcomes being non-negotiable, we take a differentiated approach to unleash smart town talent

The Impact

Higher value to Customers, Happier Talent, and Developing Sustainable Communities

100 +

Customers who are promoters

30% +

Higher value to customers

4000 +

Lives Impacted

78,000 KGs

Of CO2 Per Year, kept out of environment

Customer Stories

Delivering Best-in-class outcomes for our Customers

Learning Solutions in Content Creation and Content Curation Services

High-volume solutions delivered using our small-town model and by implementation of templatized delivery, review & governance system.

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Contract Management Platform Over Cloud: Automation In Selenium

Increased test coverage, speed, efficiency and better ROI thanks to overnight I2I execution that ensures least disruption to daily automation process.

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Industrial IOT: Hybrid Mobile Application For Water Usage Tracking

I2I services helped clients to scale up to thousands of end customers, tenants, number of transactions, and in improving speed and availability of services.

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Our Clients

Happy to have the Opportunity to Deliver Best-in-Class Value

We accelerate the future of work by empowering small town talent to participate in the global tech economy