Several aspects of our lives have been changed foreverr in the post-Covid world. Some things will go back to ‘normal’ but in others the new normal will be a hybrid of pre and post Covid worlds. This hybrid reality will be more pronounced in the technology world where innovation in remote working tools has made work from anywhere a seamless reality. Further, talent shortage is forcing companies to be a lot more open to where to look for talent. Interestingly, I2I has been very successfully promoting the Smart Town Model of tech employees working from their hometowns for over five years. As the world emerges slowly from the pandemic, we see an increasing adoption and appreciation of the STM.

In the developing country context of India, working from home is an option but has challenges like; reliable power, internet connectivity, work/collaboration spaces at homes. Further, while the WFH works for existing new employees, on-boarding new employees, and building the company culture remain a challenge. Working from Home Town (WFHT) in contrast to Work from Home is a win-win solution for both employers and employees and this will increasingly take hold over the next few months.