We are proud of our team and the individual talents that make us a great company. We are a great mix of innovators, collaborators and thinkers, meeting new challenges and setting new benchmarks daily. Set yourself a great career path with big growth opportunities!

Why Choose us


Find solid ground for your innovations, courtesy I2I’s idea-centric policy. Put on your thinking caps and create distinct solutions that delight customers.


If you have the ability to learn and prosper, there is no stopping you at I2I. We are happy to see our employees grow every day.


Birthdays, festivals and company milestones are wholesomely celebrated at I2I, ensuring that employees get a welcome break from work, and approach work with a fresh perspective.

Life at I2I

Life at I2I is always buzzing with passion and enthusiasm. We take special efforts to help each employee maintain a healthy work-life balance. We are like a big family that loves working together, matching our personal work dynamics according to each individual’s varied personalities. There are cool month-end activities, direct communication, important announcements, cake-cutting ceremonies, etc. to keep the energy and the enthusiasm flowing.

What Our Team Members Say

The positive atmosphere is a major reason for looking forward to each day at I2I. The people who work here and the work that I do are two major things that drive my interest in my work. As a developer, I need to constantly update myself, I2I gives me a perfect platform to do so.
Shital ThigaleSoftware Developer
Every team member plays an important role at I2I, and we all work together to ensure that we deliver the best possible solution to the client on time. As an employee, this is the best place I have worked at. It will be hard to find another employer as good as this one.
Abhijeet Gondane Content Writer
It has been a great pleasure working at I2I. I love that the company offers me great opportunities to grow, enjoy my work and never stop learning. I appreciate that I can find time for my family while working here
Dhiraj ThoteDigital Marketing Consultant

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