If one were to determine where the talent shaping the world today comes from, you would be surprised that over 80% comes from various small towns across the world. Of course there is a lot of talent in leading global cities but likely this talent originated in some small town across the globe. Some people move because they want to, others because they have to. We want to address the latter and want to bring jobs to where the people are recognizing that talent is normally distributed but opportunity is not.

1. Immigrants from other countries starting companies in the US In 2019, immigrant entrepreneurs made up 21.7 percent of all business owners in the US

2. Personalities in India – sports, business, movies as to where they come from More than 80% of the business leaders, sports personalities, celebrities and defence staff are from Small Towns across India.

While, the talent comes from these places they are forced to migrate to larger cities for them to be successful