About Us

I2I collaborates with cutting-edge technology companies, engineering and data service firms. We partner with these companies to develop last-mile value added solutions and implementations for enterprise users of these products. I2I specializes in the domains of AI / ML, IoT, SAP, Content and Data Transformation delivered through our Small Town Model.  

Reliable, on-time delivery, efficient talent pool, expert cross-platform skills, and deep domain expertise are our key differentiators. Our proven delivery model ensures professional quality delivery and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients. This explains our long-term strategic partnerships with several of the established global enterprise and top product technology companies.

Today, our presence spans the global, urban and the non-urban Indian market, owing to a global delivery model and our ability to handle complex and large scale projects. I2I’s robust small town delivery model ensures value-based, rich experiences for our customers.


Our technological expertise enables us to deliver innovative, future-ready products and services to our clients worldwide at an unbeatable cost. Technological innovations and services power our expertise in providing dependable solutions


Our clients benefit from faster time-to-market, better throughput time, assigning the right skills for the right requirements, comprehensive project management, our geographical reach, and a knack for long-term partnerships.

"With the growth of excellent infrastructure and colleges in small-town, the much better path for future growth goes through the small-towns! Just the logical next step for off-shoring!"

- Mr. Gireendra Kasmalkar
CEO, Founder

Meet Our Leaders

Gireendra Kasmalkar
CEO and Founder

Suneel Aradhye

Adesh Gokhale
Chief Operating Officer

Prashant Washimkar
Vice President

Sandeep Ingale
Director of Operations

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